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The Best Way to Simplify is to Delegate

Personal Concierge Services for Every Stage of Life

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Elder Care Home Solutions

All the in-home senior care services you need so your loved ones can “age in place.”

Pre- & Post-Hospitalization Home Support

Get the rest and support you need at home after surgery or hospitalization

Home Help for New Parents

Short term household and family management when your family welcomes a new baby

Lifestyle Concierge Services

Behind-the-scenes assistance for every aspect of home and family life

Personal Concierge Services

Sure, you can interview and hire a home health aide for your parents, a babysitter for your kids, a meal service for your family, an event planner for your partner’s milestone birthday, and a closet organizer to finally tackle your home.  But you still have to manage them all!  Who is going where – and when?  That’s what our personal concierge services are for!

Imagine if you could enjoy life and release the mental load

It’s no secret that modern life is busier than ever.  Even if you already outsource some logistics in your personal life, most professionals and busy families are still exhausted from the constant planning and filling the gaps in today’s fast paced world.

What if you had a concierge service to manage all the moving parts?

With LaVida personal concierge services, you don’t have to manage every last detail. You don’t even need to put together a plan. With one simple phone call, we can manage as much or as little as you need, including:

  • Creating a holistic plan tailored to your family’s wants and needs
  • Interviewing and vetting resources
  • Managing the schedules
  • Communicating with different service providers
  • Identifying the gaps in coverage
  • Making sure the whole system works smoothly and without conflicts
  • Ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of

From planning to execution – we handle it all

After years of managing health care and beyond, our founders discovered that creating a plan of care for a client meant more than just executing a few tasks or managing a single problem. The BEST care comes with a holistic approach of looking at the big picture.

Personal assistants and home health care aides are wonderful, but it’s not their job to look at the whole picture. You still need to manage their tasks – and they usually provide a narrow specialty. With LaVida Concierge, we’re your eyes and ears on the ground to make sure everything runs smoothly – and handle issues as they arise.

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