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Pre- & Post-Hospitalization Home Support

Everything You Need for a Hospitalization: Home care after surgery or hospitalization

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In the hospital, the doctors and nurses take care of every last need while we are in their facility. But what about when we are discharged? Often, we (or our loved ones) are faced with mobility issues, pain or fatigue, and medication management when recovering at home. 

Many patients require in-home nursing care pre- & post-surgery. They may need someone by their side who will offer comfort and companionship, as well as private nurses to ensure that they have the support and supervision they need to make a full recovery in the comfort of their own home.

That’s why we created a concierge service for home care after surgery or hospitalization. No matter whether it’s for you, your partner, or your aging relatives, our staff has you covered.

Pre- & Post-Hospitalization Home Support: Home care after surgery or hospitalization

  • Arrange for or coordinate care with a private nurse
  • Post op private nursing care
  • Pre op private nursing care
  • Safe transportation to/from your procedures
  • Prepare your home for your arrival to accommodate mobility changes
  • Manage the household necessities such as groceries, meal prep, laundry, and collecting the mail
  • Arrange for or coordinate care with a home health care aid
  • Monitoring elderly patients who live alone

What makes LaVida Concierge different from home health care aid? 

We offer home health care aid services – AND MORE!  Because recovery is more than just dispensing meds. It’s making sure the patient has the right space to recover in – and all the household management activities are taken care of. Leave it to us…we’ve got extensive networks in the Greater Boston, South Shore, and Metrowest, MA area. With our home care after surgery or hospitalization, you or your loved ones can get all the rest you need.

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