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How It Works

Improve the quality of life for you or your loved ones in just one phone call.

Whether it’s your first time outsourcing support or you’ve done it before, everyone needs to know how personal concierge services work. After our combined 30 years in the industry, we’ve streamlined the perfect process to make sure everyone’s wants and needs are taken into account. Here’s how our concierge services work:

1. Book a Discovery Call

This a free 30-minute call to get a high level idea of which packages and services will fit your needs. We know from experience that every situation is different, so you’ll get a custom plan. Our objective is to make sure we meet ALL the essential and desired needs, without boxing you into a package that you don’t need.

This call can be done over the phone or video conference (such as Zoom) so collectively we can:

  • Introduce ourselves
  • Outline the high level needs of you or your loved ones
  • Identify “priority” needs and “longer term” needs for maximum efficiency
  • Answer all of your burning questions!

2. You’ll Get a Complete Assessment to Create A Detailed Plan

If you are ready to move to the next step, we’ll dedicate a day to doing a thorough assessment for your particular situation. Unlike just hiring a single provider, we look at the whole picture. We know exactly what questions to ask to uncover the hidden potential issues before they become big glaring issues down the road.

Elder Care In-home Services*

  • Complete physical and medical assessment
  • Home environment assessment
  • Lifestyle Assessment (meals, social activities. etc.)
  • Additional support assessment (physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc)
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Pre-& Post-Hospitalization Home Support*

  • Complete physical and medical assessment
  • Home environment assessment
  • Lifestyle Assessment (meals, social activities. etc.)
  • Additional support assessment (physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc)

Home Help for New Parents*

  • Pre- and Post- Delivery needs for birth mother and baby
  • Home support assessment (meals, cleaning)
  • Lifestyle assessment (babysitting, playdates for siblings, self-care for parents)
  • Errand Management Needs
  • Other opportunities to support the entire family as they welcome a new baby

Lifestyle Concierge Services

  • Home & Property Maintenance Needs
  • Social & Entertaining Needs
  • Meal & Grocery Needs
  • Travel Planning Needs
  • Errand Management Needs
  • Other opportunities to free up your time and create your “Dream Life Checklist”

* Assessment completed by a registered nurse

Of course, at any time during this process, feel free to ask us follow-up questions. Our job is to make this fit your life seamlessly and adapt where necessary.

After this Complete Assessment has been concluded, we create a detailed plan outlining all the services needed, checkpoints, areas to be monitored, and prioritize both the immediate and long term needs. Here you will get your final recommendations, timelines, plan and detailed costs, and we’ll set up a quick call to make sure all your questions are answered.

3. Next we pull together the best team for your plan

Over the years we’ve learned how important it is to get the whole team on the same page – including your family members. The team can include:

  • You
  • Your family members (spouse, parents, siblings)
  • LaVida Concierge
  • Any service providers in the plan

A good plan will have a solid foundation but remain flexible for changes. Once we’ve assembled the team, we’re ready to put the plan in action. Some actions may be immediate, while others may be long term goals.

  • Monitor the effectiveness of the plan
  • Ensure that the goals are being met
  • Modify the plan to reflect changes or new challenges
  • Regularly check in with the entire team to ensure smooth operations

4. We perform a comprehensive reassessment every 3 months

If there’s one thing we know about any situation is that life often brings unexpected changes. That’s why we assess each engagement every 3 months for a full evaluation to make sure all is running smoothly or if new issues have cropped up. We fully expect to adapt to your changing needs.

What Our Clients Are Saying…


Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our call last week and how grateful we are for your support. The comprehensive assessment that you guys did for my mom was exceptionally well done and incredibly helpful. Words cannot adequately express how much we appreciate your help.

Steve, Newton, MA

Investment Details

LaVida Concierge are privately paid services that are funded by clients themselves, family members, and/or trusts. On occasion, some elder care services may be reimbursable by certain long term care insurance policies. If you think that may be an option, inquire directly at your insurance company to see if your situation is eligible for reimbursement.

During the free 30-minute consultation call, we discuss your general needs and some suggested services. Since this call is only 30-minutes, we discuss high level objectives only. You may be given a ballpark plan with ranges of prices and services at the end of this call.

However, because plans can vary widely on the amount of services and types of services, a more extensive “complete assessment” is required to determine the actual details. This ensures that you get the most accurate and thorough plan possible – with no hidden surprises down the road. The complete assessment usually takes a few days to complete and is a paid service.

After your complete assessment has been concluded, you will receive a detailed plan that will list all recommended services and associated fees. Your actual concierge costs will be determined by the final plan that is mutually agreed upon in a signed agreement.

As with any customized service, the costs will vary depending on the types of services, frequency, and duration, and other factors that are exclusive to your particular plan. If you request changes or additions to your concierge service, that may also affect the costs going forward. All requests and changes to the plan must be mutually agreed upon in writing.

A deposit is required to begin service. Services will be billed monthly and are payable by check, credit card, Venmo, or online bank debit.

Your Concierge Services

If you’ve ever wondered how personal concierge services work , give us a call! Your initial consultation call is free. We’ve been putting together plans for years – and we understand that everyone needs an advocate in their corner. So whether the service is for you or a loved one, we are your eyes and ears on the ground. Our job is to plan, monitor, and mitigate so that you can relax, knowing all your bases are covered.

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