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About LaVida Concierge

LaVida Concierge Manages it All 

Finally…a Personal Concierge Service for Every Aspect of Your Personal Life

LaVida Concierge Manages It All

Every busy family needs a team of help…but who’s managing the team? If the last thing you need is the hassle of coordinating the neverending logistics of your personal life, LaVida Concierge’s services are for you.

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Elder Care Home Solutions

Keeping your
aging parents safe
in their home

Pre-& Post-Hospitalization Home Support

All the home support you need to recuperate after surgery or hospitalization

Home Help for New Parents

Household and childcare management when you welcome home a new baby

Lifestyle Concierge Services

Offload the logistics of home and family life to make space for joy

What Makes LaVida Concierge Different? We see the big picture.

Our founders created this concierge service because after 20 years in the healthcare industry, they saw how overwhelming it can be to manage the personal lives and health care of our loved ones.  They witnessed how managing health care is more than just taking vital signs and dispensing medication on time – it’s looking at the big picture of a person’s health care plan and personal life logistics.

Combined with the fast-paced demands of professional and family lives, the “mental load” of it all is exhausting our collective mental and physical health. And our founders were determined to change that.

We’ll Vet the Resources For You

Because we know health and wellness spread beyond just doctors and nurses, we’ve been building an extensive network of professional resources throughout the Greater Boston, South Shore, and Metrowest MA area.

This includes property management and repair, IT services, groceries and meal preparation, childcare, errand management, financial planning and estate planning to name a few.

Have a special request? We’ll research it for you, so you don’t have to.

How It Works

During our initial assessment, we’ll coordinate with:

  • You
  • Your Family
  • Approved Service providers
  • Your health care providers (where applicable)

From there, we create a comprehensive Plan of Care, with frequent reviews and assessments to make sure every last detail is taken care of.

Meet Your Advocates

Ana Mercurio-Pinto

Co-Founder of LaVida Concierge

Having worked in the hospital setting for over 20 years, Ana realized there was an enormous gap in home care and beyond. 

Combining her real-life hospital experience with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a graduate degree in healthcare management, Ana has fine-tuned an approach that balances the industry procedures with the flow of real life.

Just like her clients, Ana lives an active lifestyle. Married to a physician, she has five children and three dogs. When she’s not serving clients at LaVida Concierge, you can find her volunteering at the local food pantry and coaching girls soccer. 

Ana is dedicated to making the lives of her clients’ more manageable and efficient through the services LaVida Concierge has to offer.

Shaunna Lai

Co-Founder of LaVida Concierge

Shaunna has served her community as a registered nurse for nearly 20 years, working primarily at a large academic hospital in Boston. Throughout her career, she has experience with various specialties including trauma, burn, renal transplant, and surgical critical care.

Her decades of nursing people back to health gave her an inside look at the holistic approach to managing wellness for both the patient and the caregiver at home.

Shaunna oversees the assessment and plan of care for all of LaVida Concierge’s clients, using her experience and compassion to make sure all the bases are covered.

When she’s not serving the families of LaVida Concierge, she’s enjoying family time with her husband and two children. You’ll most likely find her skiing, reading a good book, or relaxing on Cape Cod.

YOU are our biggest asset, we strive to always be available to answer your questions, listen to your concerns, and be empathetic to your needs. LaVida Concierge will always treat you like family, and we will advocate for you in all circumstances. LaVida Concierge strives to do better and encourages feedback or comments.

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